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Advanced Water Jet Cutting Services

Advanced Cutting Services LLC is a CNC cutting job shop focusing on water jet cutting services and fabrication. Advanced Cutting Services offers waterjet cutting as an alternative to traditional machining methods. Water jet cutting completely eliminates heat affected zones, recast layers, work hardening and thermal stress. Waterjet cutting is a practical alternative to conventional tooling. We offer various edge finishes to net or near-net requirements. Two dimensional design limitations are a function of your creativity. IF YOU CAN DRAW IT, WE CAN CUT IT!

Photos of our Waterjet Cutting Work.

ESAB CNC Water Jet Cutting MachineAdvanced Cutting Services offers CNC controlled water jet machining utilizing an ESAB dual head gantry with a 12' x 12' work envelope. The company's recent affiliation with Eastern Sheet Metal & Plate Works Inc, adds a fabrication facility including cnc plasma, bending, painting, polishing, rolling, saw cutting and a full service welding capacity, all set at one convenient location.

Our Water Jet Cutting Services:

Architectural Fabrication

NYC Town HouseAdvanced Cutting Services has extensive experience in architectural fabrication. Review our portfolio of work featuring architectural railings, grilles, lighting fixtures, fences, floors, walls, displays, sculptures, counter tops and more. Let Advanced Cutting Services help make your architectural fabrication vision a stunning reality.

Custom Architectural Fabrication Options:

Art & Sculpture Fabrication

NYC Town HouseAdvanced Cutting Services has become the 'go to' fabricator for some of New York City's most recognized and accomplished artists and designers. ACS will help take a concept sketched on a napkin and turn it into a larger than life masterpiece exactly as it was intended. From high profile public art installations to private commissions our extensive expertise has consistently helped world renowned artists make their dreams a reality.

Custom Art & Sculpture Fabrication Options:

Material We Cut: Metal, Stone, Glass, etc

NYC Town HouseAdvanced Cutting Services has performed expert waterjet cutting and fabrication of a wide array of materials.  We have years of experience handling parts cut from 4" thick titanium to significantly softer materials such as wood, resin, and plastic. Let us help you procure, handle, cut, fabricate, deliver and install your most important projects on time and on budget.

Custom Art & Sculpture Fabrication Options: