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About Advanced Cutting Services LLC:

Advanced Cutting Services LLC is an industrial job shop whose core focus is on the application of water jet cutting technology to industrial materials and complex fabrications.  We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to waterjet machining  and our high level of custom services across our customer base.  

Water Jet Cutting Machine

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Our diverse mix of satisfied customers range from HVAC suppliers and manufacturers, large scale domestic industrial machine manufacturers, power and water utilities, to residential and major commercial construction contractors and sub-contractors, governmental departments, cities, towns, municipalities, international manufacturers, all the way to world renowned sculptors and artists, architectural design firms, custom car and motorcycle designers and more!

Our affiliation and co-location with Eastern Sheet Metal brings tremendous resources to our customers in one location including a major fabrication facility including cnc plasma, bending, painting, polishing, rolling, saw cutting and a full service welding capacity.


Bob Balchunas - Founder of Advanced Cutting, and his eldest son, David Balchunas - President of ACS, along with the rest of our valued Team look forward to helping provide you and your organization with the highest levels of expert waterjet services possible.